Custom Cycling Clothing


Everything starts with your idea. And we are happy to help you visualize your idea in a custom cycling jersey. Without obligations of course. Make your idea come to life!


We deliver our cycling clothing as one of the fastest in the market. We agree on a date and we stick to it. So nice and clear. An event? We are happy to think along with you.

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Golden Experience

Cycling is deeply ingrained in our fibers. With ex-cycling pros such as Bart Voskamp, ​​Leontien van Moorsel and Maarten den Bakker in our team, we have a lot of experience in cycling clothing. So feel free to ask us for advice.

At 36 Cycling we believe in the power of individuality. As passionate cyclists, we know that your performance and enjoyment on the bike are strongly influenced by the comfort and appearance of your cycling clothing. That's why we offer you the opportunity to design and print your own cycling clothing, so that you can ride in style and with pride.

It goes without saying that cycling clothing should fit like a glove. High-quality, recognizable and distinctive cycling clothing ensures a better cycling experience. Whether it is an outfit for yourself, an entire team or a corporate team, an eye for detail is important in all cases. We therefore not only strive for high-quality materials, but we also design cycling clothing in such a way that the appearance is great.

Custom cycling jerseys and clothing

It all starts with your own unique design of your cycling clothing. At 36 Cycling you can bring your creative ideas to life and create a cycling outfit that perfectly suits your personal style and preferences. Whether you are looking for a striking design with bright colors and patterns or prefer a sleek and minimalist design, the possibilities for cycling clothing designs are endless.

Custom Cycling Wear

We understand that designing custom cycling clothing is a profession in itself and not every customer has the ideas ready-made on the shelf. In that case, our design team is always ready for advice. For example, about color, the placement of logos or dimensions. But even if our own ideas have already been translated into a cycling clothing design, we are perfectly capable of converting this into physical products. We are happy to help you create a perfect outfit together.

Print cycling clothing

After you have created your dream design, it is time to have your cycling clothing printed. Our high-quality printing techniques ensure that your design remains vibrant and durable, even after many rides in different weather conditions. Whether you choose sublimation, screen printing, or other printing options, we guarantee a stunning result from your own printed cycling clothing. Personalizing your cycling clothing goes beyond just the appearance.

At 36 Cycling you can also choose from different fabrics and fits, so you can find the perfect balance between comfort and aerodynamics. Our cycling clothing is designed with the needs of riders in mind, so you can enjoy optimal performance on every ride.

Team clothing for cycling

In addition to individual cycling clothing, we also offer the option of designing and printing team clothing. Whether you're part of a professional cycling team, a local cycling club, or just a group of friends riding together, custom team clothing enhances the sense of unity and belonging. Add your team logo, choose colors that match your club identity and add team member names to create a unique and professional look. We understand the importance of looking united and are honored to be part of the process of creating your teamwear.

Cycling jersey with logo

If you are looking for cycling clothing designs with sponsor logos or company logos, 36 Cycling is the right place for you. We offer tailor-made solutions for companies and sponsors who want to promote their brand by bicycle. Our printing technology ensures that your logos look sharp and professional, which contributes to the recognisability of your brand during events and competitions.

In short, at 36 Cycling everything revolves around your vision and wishes. We are ready to help you design and print cycling clothing that suits you perfectly. Whether you are a cyclist, a cycling team or a company, we offer tailor-made solutions to help you shine on the road. Contact us today and discover the possibilities of custom cycling clothing at 36 Cycling. Cycle with pride, cycle with style.

Printing a cycling shirt, how do we get started?

After we have contacted each other about the ideas, we are happy to start designing your cycling jersey or the entire kit. We adhere closely to your corporate identity and after we have chosen the colors we can print your cycling jersey as agreed. If necessary, we can make a color test. But beforehand, we can provide you with color samples and examples.

In other words: we will certainly achieve a great result and a beautiful cycling shirt, cycling shorts and everything else that goes with it!

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