Cycling Bib Shorts Men

Experience optimal comfort and freedom of movement with men's cycling shorts at 36 Cycling

An avid cyclist's wardrobe is not complete without cycling shorts. Whether you're looking for ultimate freedom of movement on summer rides or you simply prefer the wind through your (leg) hair on the bike, our collection of men's cycling shorts offers the comfort and performance you need to make every ride shine.

Discover our collection of men's cycling shorts

In our collection of men's cycling shorts, you'll find a variety of designs to suit every cyclist's needs. Whether you're an avid cyclist who likes to pick up speed on the road, a mountain biker exploring the trails, or just want to ride comfortably, we've got the perfect bib shorts for you. Thanks to the different materials, thicknesses and the choice between with or without suspenders, there is always a pair of cycling shorts for men that suits you perfectly.

Men's cycling shorts with chamois: comfort and protection

For extra comfort on your rides, our men's cycling shorts feature high-quality chamois. This chamois provides cushioning and support, which reduces fatigue and friction, so you can enjoy your cycling adventure without discomfort. Our men's chamois cycling shorts are designed to enhance performance without compromising on comfort.

Maximum freedom of movement with men's cycling shorts without suspenders

For cyclists who prefer bib shorts without suspenders, we offer comfort and convenience in one. Our designs are made in such a way that they stay perfectly in place without having to worry about suspenders. Enjoy the freedom of movement as you smoothly navigate corners and pedal powerfully.

MTB shorts men: for the off-road adventurers

For mountain bikers looking for the challenges of nature, we have men's MTB pants designed specifically for off-road adventures. Our MTB shorts offer durability and protection from harsh conditions. With reinforced zones and hard-wearing materials, you'll be ready for any adventure on the trails.

Waarom kiezen voor korte fietsbroek heren van 36 Cycling?

Bij 36 Cycling streven we, net als jullie fanatieke fietsers, altijd naar topkwaliteit en topprestaties. Onze korte fietsbroeken voor heren zijn ontworpen met het oog op jouw comfort en duurzaamheid, of je nu de zomerse hitte trotseert of avontuurlijke trails verkent. Verken onze uitgebreide collectie korte fietsbroeken voor heren op onze website en verbeter je fietservaring met 36 Cycling. Fiets met vertrouwen, omhul jezelf met stijl en geniet van ongeëvenaard comfort.