AquaZero Jacket

The all-rounder among jackets: AquaZero combines a thermo-fleece fabric with a Hydrophobic coating that protects you for a long time during wet circumstances and mainly keeps you warm.

The material is also very breathable and has a racing fit. This makes this jacket very suitable for changing conditions and protects you against the cold in a very comfortable way.

The jacket has 3 pockets on the back, an extra pocket with zipper and a reflection strip on the left.

In addition, the jacket is finished in a very stylish way with a copper-colored zipper and logos.
In short, a jacket that every seasoned cyclist needs in his clothing collection.



€ 135,00
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  • Aquazero: Hydrophobic Rain Protection
  • Thee back pockets
  • Extra pocket with zipper
  • Reflection strip
  • Copper-colored zipper
  • Gel Gripper
  • Close-fitting cuffs on the sleeve

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